• Table Auto-tracking Function
  • The detector under the table moves with the tube and automatically matches the center of the scan when the tube moves up and down towards the table. This allows you to match the center of the scan automatically when the patient is lying on the table. Also, when you scan the angle, the detector automatically calculates the distance of the angle and it matches the center of the scanning range by the direction of the tube.

  • Synchronized
  • You can automatically set and maintain the SID to 100cm by setting the table up and down. By this, you don’t have to set the height of the table to match the SID according to the size or condition of the patient.

  • Wide Movement Range of Table
  • The table is very wide and the movement range is flexible so you can easily move the patient from the bed to the table. When you set the table very low, you can easily scan the upper side and lower side of the body. The foot-paddle which controls the table is attached on the front and the back so you can take care of the patient on either side.

  • Whole Spine Scan


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