Mobile Radiography Unit

High frequency X-Ray generator
Frequency 100kHz
Maximum power 30kW
Maximum voltage 125kV
Maximum performance 220 mAs-425 mA
kV ripple < 2%

X-Ray tube

Monoblock IAE tube with rotating anode
Focal spot: 0.6mm small focus, 1.3mm large focus
Anode rotation speed 2850 rpm(50Hz)
Anode diameter 64mm
Anode material tungsten
Max continuous thermal dissipation 300w
Thermal capacity 80kJ-107kHu
Anode 15°


Manually operated collimator Ralco
Temporized light at 30s
Collimator rotation +130

Control console

Microprocessor controlled panel, with big alphanumeric display
Friendly user"s interface

Operation Mode

2 points technique, kV-mAs selection
Anatomic programmed mode (APR) with 24 exams Selection, 4 folders of 6 exams each one

Dose selection

Possibility to have the dose

Safety and protection

Automatic control and protection of the filament
Protection against over-current and over-voltage, X-Ray Tube overload protection
Monoblock temperature

User manual